Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shopping to our Tune =)

If you were shopping in the Garden’s mall during the weekends of December, you would have heard a jazz band entertaining the shoppers with jazz renditions of Christmas songs? Well lo and behold, those tunes were churned out by the wonderful line up of musicians Mosaic has to offer!

Dressed in red and sometimes adorning Santa’s hat, our saxophonist, double bassist, keyboardist and sometimes a dynamic vocalist played Xmas songs for half an hour every weekend, much to the delight of families shopping.

Nothing to get you into the real Christmas mood than the sound of music!

Hope you had a great time listening to them while shopping! It was truly fun for the whole family =)
Picture time!
The crowd obviously entertained by the band =)
The pretty publicist with our band!

The hottest band in town!

Watch them work their magic!

Musicical adventure =)
Best Regards,
Reema Bhullar
016-376 4847

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