Saturday, January 9, 2010

An early Christmas, thanks to Hannah Tan!

Hannah Tan organized a concert for the underprivileged, a real nice gesture by her side before she leaves to Japan for a two year recording deal. It was nice to see so many celebrities join the cause!

Held at the Garden’s Hotel on 20th December, this event was attended by the Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia who even wowed the crowd by singing two songs, in Malay might I add! How radical was that?!

This was my first time meeting Hannah and it was really a meeting I will not forget, she was so bubbly and full of life, and all that while she was nursing a sore throat and flu, her team was great too! Made us all feel comfortable, well it was a real X Mas party! And no one is mean when it comes to X Mas!

Performers that rocked the ballroom that night included, Reefa, Sasi the Don, Meet Uncle Hussein, Reymee of Innuendo, Jojo Struys who tapped danced!, Harith Iskandar, The Ramanados and my favorite the man with the soulful voice Liang!

Liang actually collaborated with Dennis on one of DiversiFy’s tracks, watching that man perform live is pure bliss! Plus he’s one of the nicest celebs I have met, such a joker too, oh and a super snazzy dresser!

Shawn Lee managed to make the young and old all have a temporary lapse of sanity when he opened the show with the Phantom Dancers and Hannah Tan, performing his beat boxing skit, we don’t call him an extraordinaire for nothing yeah?

Now comes the juicy part, Dennis was slated to perform his hit song Prelude in F minor alongside Malaysia’s Kenny G, Jimmy Sax, however during sound check he stroke a note with Ash Nair and they decided to collaborate on one of Ash’s songs from his album! Everyone knows Ash has a heavenly voice, and great guitar skills too! Great collaboration, one that is sure to repeat itself in the future, I loved their performance at No Black Tie and loved it even more this time around!

Seeing my bossy play his violin and that too with such ease, even on a song he just rehearsed moments ago, makes me feel special for having known him and also have the once in a lifetime opportunity to work with him.

After all, where else do you get the chance to hang with celebs? And be able to watch them from the side of the stage! Beats VIP seating I tell you!
Piccie time!
View of the ballroom in all it's splendour.

Maestro looking dashing as ever =)

Liang the sweetheart, flanked by yours truly and superwoman Stephanie Chai!

Maestro, gorgeous Hannah Tan, Stephy and muah!

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