Saturday, January 9, 2010

Parkson was entertained yet again =)

The folks at Parkson are great at throwing parties, especially one’s for their elite card holders. If your not a card holder, head over to the nearest Parkson Department store and find out how to become one. It’s real simple =)

This time around, they really wanted to party the night away and asked for a 4 Piece Band ! That is a Singer, Drummer, Keyboardist and Bassist and we being in the Christmas mood decided to give them a bonanza and offered our best Saxophonist =)

Dennis entertained the crowd in yet another one of his Highlight performance, yes that highlight performance that makes the ladies go gaga and the men turn green with jealousy! After all how many can boasts violin skills, good looks and might I add a true humanitarian! Hey didn’t I already mention I have the world’s coolest boss!

The gorgeous Serena C was the emcee of this event, and she manages to talk her way through everyone’s hearts, such a lovely pocket sized lady she is. One that can probably talk her way through anything ;)

Our band had an awesome time performing for the shoppers and guests at Parkson, it’s always great especially when we have the best line up and the more instruments the more fun filled! Everything from jazz to the most up tempo of songs was played.

Plus a little something something from the Maestro himself, he’s such a Santa Claus when it comes to Christmas and he decided to put on a little performance with the band and do rendition of Rudolph a Red Nose Reindeer! Spectacular isn’t it?

Speaking of Christmas, did you check out Pavilion’s Christmas decoration during the holiday season? Simply beautiful, really set a high standard in terms of Christmas decorations =)

Pictures to tickle your fancy =)

Maestro with Malaysia's Kenny G!

Serena C loving our band!

The band working their magic!
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