Thursday, August 27, 2009

“Tuning Events to The Perfect Pitch”

Mosaic's a familiar name in the entertainment scene in Malaysia. With a stellar list of performers we do our absolute best in providing entertainment for every event, be it a wedding, corporate shin dig and baby showers to name a few. Want to learn more about Mosaic ? Simply click here.

Run by Electric Violinist Dennis Lau( allow me to let you in a secret here people, his album is coming out soon! ) Who performs, let me rephrase it, who wows the crowd with his original compositions. Want to learn more about him? How about his personal blog !

With technology being at its most rampant stage we understand the need for clients/audiences/ general folk to have information at their finger tips. What better way than a blog dedicated to our events! This will allow people to have a clearer idea of the way we work.

Yes, you heard me right each and every event will be detailed in this blog. Feel free to read about our performances, and get a clearer view of how we deal with things backstage and and how are musicians are able to perform at every gig like it's their absolute first time and love every moment of it!

As for me, I'm just the events manager, who still gets the jitters at every event and ensures everything runs smoothly and never fail to feel like I'm on cloud nine every time the client tells us they loved our performance. What better way to show you how I feel than document it in a blog isn't it?

Watch this space for more updates from me!

Feedback is most appreciated!!!

Best Wishes,

Reema Bhullar