Tuesday, September 15, 2009

“The Roof Is on Fire”

Ok don’t take the title literally, however there is some truth to it! Everytime Dennis Lau Malaysia’s premier Violinist/Songwriter performs the heat of the performance just sets any stage ablaze!

That’s what happened when Lot 10 had their Repositioning Launch. Well obviously they would invite swanky performers like Dennis and Jimmy our mind blowing saxophonist to perform because we fit in just right. Well with guests such as Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh, Dato Faridah Merican and Joe Hasham the Directors of The Actor Studio, not forgetting our Nation’s Pride and Joy our very own astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor you would need someone of that stature to perform and wow this respectable crowd.

Lot 10 has done an amazing job by refurbishing their rooftop where the event was held and they now call it a “ Forest within the City”, they have added a touch of green with beautiful lush gardens, along with a beautifully lighted up pathway, mouth watering delectable cuisine from Teeq Brassiere that those working out in California Fitness are eyeing even though their running and panting away on their treadmills, which by the way is the perfect place to take that special someone as the ambience and the killer view is just the icing of the cake, plus the kitchen with a glass partition so all the going ons happens in plain sight gels really well with me !

Plus The Actor’s Studio has found a new home and will be one of Lot 10’s latest addition, along with a dance club called Rootz that will house the finest champagne around.

Well enough about Lot 10, there could be an entire blog dedicated to them and their plans. Let’s get to the more juicy stuff, the reason why you’re reading this in the first place. You want to know about Dennis’s performance right? and how he entertained the stellar crowd?

Well Zang Toi had a fashion show that showcased apparel good enough to wear during the day and for a career lady, also a showcase of how exquisite his taste by his beautiful evening gowns.

It’s no surprise that music and clothes go well together, and our performance for the night was to be a collaboration of fashion and music. As soon as Dennis exited with his violin, like a predator on a prowl for a juicy prey, the models were ushered out, sigh lucky them being serenaded whilst being decked up in high fashion clothing and looking like a million bucks.

No need to state the obvious that applause followed suit when Jimmy joined in tenor in hand, ready to back up Dennis and electrify the crowd with yet another of Dennis’s original compositions.

Models in tow, Dennis struck his pose for the cameras to capture him in the flesh, which was followed by another crowd appealing performance that led to the end of the upbeat performance for the night.

Yes just like you expected, the crème of the crop came to congratulate and commend Dennis and Jimmy on a job well done, obviously still in awe of what they had just witnessed.

I have watched Dennis perform a number of times, but I never fail to smile when I see people congratulating him, his success is my success no?

The night ended with a real dramatic performance by one of The Actors Studio’s many offerings, words cannot describe that performance and you would have to personally catch it at their new refurbished theatre so therefore I shall not ruin it for you!

Alright I shall stop raving about this event, sigh what to do? It was that good to begin and end with.

Allow the pictures to do the talking!

Dennis serenading the crowd. The look on his face priceless!
Credits to John Leong of Oxygen Mag for this wonderful pic.

My uber fantastic boss Dennis Lau, with Tan Sri Dr. Francis Yeoh and our golden mouthed Jimmy Sax.

Emcee for the night Dato Yasmin Yusoff.

Tan Sri Dr. Francis Yeoh, super lively during his speech.

Note the amount of media personnel.

Packed house with media and invited guests.

The press clicking a photo of our duo with Tan Sri.

The bartop at Teeq brasserie, note the view behind.

Teeq brasserie where everything that happens in the kitchen is visible.

The beautifully lighted walkway on the Rooftop ! Changes colours you know?

Live Performance by Actor's Studio.

The man himself Tan Sri Dr. Francis Yeoh enjoying The Actor's Studio showcase.

Dennis with the elegantly dressed Dato Yasmin Yusoff.

Dennis with Joe Hasham and Dato Faridah of The Actor Studio.

Leslie the exquisite event planner and Dennis.

Signature boss-employee shot!

Want to experience the performance?

Check out the videos at Dennis's youtube site !

Best Wishes,

Reema Bhullar

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can you Smell Who is Performing?

Ok don’t be put off by the title, it was just a way for me to play around and come up with something that has to do with scent!

Why scent you may ask? Well if any of you happened to be in Mid Valley on the 26th of August and heard someone with immense amount of talent playing the violin and backed up by mind blowing saxophone skills, that means you must have heard my uber cool boss Malaysia’s premier Violinist/Songwriter Dennis Lau and Malaysia’s own Kenny G Jimmy Sax perform a Highlight Showcase for Sasa Fragrance Awards.

These awards are for Sasa to acknowledge the brands under their label and to award each of them under different categories. Namely Best Men’s Fragrance, Best Women’s Fragrance and so on, the local celebrity judge’s for the day were Belinda, Sazzy, William and Siti.

Dennis serenading the judge's!

Hosted by Xandria Ooi, the event was a somewhat intimate extravagant affair, Why that combination of words? Well the invited crowd of Sasa was very receptive and at the same time we had the onlookers on the concourse area who watched in awe as Dennis and Jimmy took on stage.

Truth be told if I was just shopping and chanced upon this kind of a performance I would consider myself lucky! It’s not everyday you get to witness Dennis Lau play in flesh! I consider myself one of the lucky few who gets to be backstage and see the models before make up (they do still look good ok!) and work with the wonderful people from Sasa( my my they are so humble!).

Don’t sweat it if you missed the performance, you can catch the videos below :-

For more video's check out Dennis's youtube channel !

Have fun watching!

The master doing what he does best!
*Photos credited to Shamon Leong ! Thanks.

Best Wishes,

Reema Bhullar

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Sunday, September 6, 2009


No clue what that means? Well it's Greetings in Sinhalese, one of the official languages of Sri Lanka. Why the sudden post about Sri Lanka? You shall see....

Well it's common for Mosaic to perform for show's abroad, Singapore being our favorite destination. However this time we went over the seas to an unfamiliar territory and boy did we love it!

We met our generous Sri Lankan client at a Corum event a mere week prior to performing in Sri Lanka, almost as soon as our band took to the stage he was hooked and he approached us to fly us down to Sri Lanka! Sometimes life is really good, and before you knew it Dennis, Jimmy our saxophonist and I were on a MAS plane on the way to Colombo!
Ofcourse everyone wonders how the audience will react to the performance, but night as soon as Dennis and Jimmy took to stage, the amount of positive energy that surrounded the room was out of this world!
Being a beach party and the official launch of Kapatica a Thai Restaurant in Mount Lavinia, the atmosphere, the sound, the people was a real adventure and yes given the oppurtunity we would return in a heartbeat. Sri Lankans are an uber friendly bunch and it's a blessing that their country is out of turmoil as we are able to experience the real beauty of what the nation has to offer!
Music really has no boundaries and we felt that night we made a connection with everyone, words in any language cannot express the joy we felt in making the right decision to play in such a beautiful country!
Some Pictures detailing our trip :)
Dennis and I the moment we touched down at Colombo! Hahaha, I just realised we're so colour coordinated !
No he isn't a light packer !
Couldn't resist in having a bollywood shot! Exiting Colombo aiport :)
The view of Kapatica from behind, the concept behind it is very shack like.
The view from our apartment ! Heavenly right?
Streets of Colombo!
Yours truly painting my nails while the boss takes a dip in the pool :)
Rocking away to his own beat :)
The man who made it happen. Our Sri Lankan Client Mr Vakeesan.
Dennis with Mr Vakeesan and his entourage.
Testing 1,2,3. Sound check, the crucial part !
Sri Lankans ain't never heard that !
Jimmy wowing the crowd, there's a reason he's called golden mouth!
Working his magic, ladies watch out, hearthrob on the loose!
Literally blowing minds, that's the way Malaysia's Kenny G !
Barefoot( Shop in Sri Lanka's) many offerings.

Signature boss-employee shot!

For more pictures and tales, head down to Dennis's blog !

Best Wishes,

Reema Bhullar

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