Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Journey Through Time Part 1

YTL has this event every year where they showcase the best in time pieces from around the world and also highlight many environmental factors during an eleven day period. This event is in their third year running and they have enlisted the talented Dennis Lau to perform alongside Jimmy Sax for these eleven days! Exciting isn’t it, to be able to showcase his musical talent to different guests and passer by’s every night, trust me when I say, people actually come back just for his performance every night, touching you might say? Yes! It sure is!

Other performers for the event include the very handsome Stephen Rahman Hughes, one guy who can definitely make the girls go gaga =) and Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina who staged their play Puteri Gunung Ledang, fashion shows by various designers, performance by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza herself and the very talented Ning Baizura whom Dennis has the opportunity of collaborating with!

As everyone knows Ning is known for her dynamic vocals and paired together with the master skills of Dennis and his violin they managed to make a beautiful rendition of Yue Liang !

A Journey Through Time goes on for another week, so if you haven’t had the chance to catch any of his performances live, just walk by star hill late evening and you will be fortunate enough to catch the much talked about maestro in action =)

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure….

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Catwalk, Sashay , Pose !

Perhaps the three important words for a model, there could be more, I wouldn’t know, not exactly model material, if you get what I mean :P But I know two grand people who are definitely model material!

One the uber handsome hunk of a boss, Dennis Lau who can definitely compete with those men you see doing shaving commercials, trust me guys, he has the knack for it :P and one more the dazzling and gorgeous, and not to forget towering over, Miss Syafinaz Selamat !

Amber Chia who has done very well in partnership with Ford Modelling Agency to conduct the Ford Model Search in our homeland had the finals at Rootz club, located at the Rooftop of Lot 10 recently, Dennis was asked to perform his hit song ‘Mahkota’ alongside Syafinaz as a highlight showcase. Very apt I must say because the winner of the night definitely felt as if she has a Mahkota placed on her, while the male winner definitely felt like a king :p

The event was full of glitz and glamour just like it’s hostess Amber Chia who has a sense of golden touch, as everything she dabbles in has always worked out wonders for her and kudos to her, also a small city girl who has made it big! And by big we mean really big, it’s really heartwarming to see our fellow Malaysians reach the highest level they can, especially those who work really hard as Amber, and we wish the Ford Model finalists and winner all the best in their future endeavors, dreams can be turned into reality, it sure did for the two winners, Kelly Jagan and Danny Lim !

It was a great pleasure indeed to have Dennis perform at the inaugural finale of the Ford Model Search, and we definitely look forward to many more! We would like to wish Kelly all the best for the international finals in Brazil and wish Danny a whole lot of luck in pursuing his modeling stints in the United States!

Amber Chia will definitely see more seasons of Ford Models, and this is probably the best thing for our country and it’s pool of aspiring models!

The video for your viewing and ogling pleasure :P

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Maestro Released

It’s no secret that I refer to my boss the uber talented Dennis Lau as a maestro, well I think he truly is one, where else can you find someone as multi talented as him. Someone who can compose his own tracks, pen meaningful lyrics, produce his own album, strike up deals with international companies like Sony, etc, collaborate with the industries best and so on and so forth. If I were to delve in depth of his many skills the list would be endless.

I’m sure many of you who read the daily news have come across many articles written about Dennis and his recent launch of his maiden album DiversiFy, alright this next part is to answer all those who are wondering why the name DiversiFy? Well simple, this album is mainly about showcasing how diverse the violin is with other instruments and also to highlight how the violin is the closest sounding instrument to the human vocal.

There is nothing that solidifies a musician’s presence in the world of music until and unless they release an album, and better yet when that album is your brainchild and made to perfection with no boundaries and limitations. And featured collaborations with the industries best like Syafinaz Selamat ,Atilia Haron,Liang and local rapper Shazzy to name a few.

Other artistes and creative minds that Dennis has worked with include Yuri Wong (most known for creating the score to Upin and Ipin, a popular Malay series), Majestik (a South African rapper), Nick Lee (award winning ‘mixing and mastering’ engineer), musician Tay Cher Siang, Lewis Pragasam, Ken Chung, Jamie Wilson, Tay Kewei as well as the Beijing and GuangZhou Symphony Orchestra (with famed Chinese arranger Peng Fei).

The launch was held at Shook,Star Hill on the 12th of November, this really was a great day not only for Dennis but for me and my colleague/best friend Stephanie Chai. After working so closely with Dennis these past few months we were finally able to share what we feel so proud about, his musical talent and showmanship with members of the media and distinguished guests.

The launch which was helped put together by the wonderful and dynamic team of MediaBond Communications, a great PR firm, who I owe a thousand thank you’s too for helping out with planning and executing this great event.

That evening we saw performances by Dennis and his talented performing partner, Malaysia’s Kenny G, Jimmy Sax , as well as a surprise and never done before performance featuring Dennis with beatboxer extraordinaire Shawn Lee, supported by Yuri Wong on guitar and Ken Chung on bass. This performance ended up being a real crowd pleaser and why shouldn’t it as it’s something completely new and dynamic and what better way to further enhance the diverseness of the violin, now if a violin can team up with a beatboxer, it’s what I say is super sweet :P

And last but not least, the closing performance for the day was none other than the power pack performance by Dennis himself and the lady who belts out powerful vocals, Miss Syafinaz Selamat herself, performing the masterpiece that is ‘Mahkota’.

Besides the performances and speeches by Dennis and Mr. Adrian Lim, the Agency team, Dennis’ managers from Singapore were kind enough to record a short and meaningful speech to be played during the night.The launch gambit was a simple unveiling of the blown up version of the cd cover signed by none other than the MD of Sony himself Mr. Adrian Lim, Dennis and Mr. Syed Idid of Media Bond.

This will truly be a day that none of us will forget and we’re already yearning for the next album and next launch. For those of you who haven’t had a listen to it yet, do go and grab yourself a copy at the nearest CD Rama or Rock Corner outlet!

Videos below for those of you who missed the launch!

Pictures by the great master Zung and his team at Photoz will follow suit....
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Always time for Charity!

No Black Tie recently organized a Charity event, for the kids from Shambala, Tibet. The event was called Stand-Up for Shambala Kidz, performers for the night included a stand up list of the ever so talented Harith Iskandar, funny to the bone, Andrew Netto, tapping her feet away Jojo Struys and many more.

This event/ auction was for the aim to raise as much money as possible for the kids in Shambala, entry to the event was priced at RM 200 a ticket, and I was surprised to see a full house that night! Certainly goes to show we’re a charitable bunch! Like they say charity begins from home and I was glad to see that we can reach out to a place in Tibet and be of any assistance at all. Touching I say, really touching.

Dennis was asked to perform that night with Ash Nair, yes the man with the ever adorable boyish charm, and Yuri Wong, who just blows my mind away every time he performs! Yuri is pure brilliant! I know I’m deviating, but without Dennis, there wouldn’t have been a way for me to meet such incredible people like Yuri or Ash, or the tons of other people I’ve met, so shout out to you my bossy! For giving me this opportunity to broaden my horizons!

Now back to the topic at hand, the three of them were going to perform together, and the sneaky fella that my boss is, didn’t tell me what songs or what they were going to perform that night, all he said was I’m performing at No Black Tie, so in I go and when it’s their performance time, my my my, I was blown away with the songs they performed that night! The three of them was simply outstanding, covering renditions of The Jackson’s 5- I want you back and Britney’s Baby One More Time!

The beats of Yuri on the guitar followed by the dynamic vocals of Ash coupled with the tunes of Dennis really drove the crowd into applause frenzy! Very rarely do you have the chance of seeing the industries greats perform along side each other and mind you for complete charitable purposes!

I don’t know about the others, but this is certainly going down in my books as the best performance I have witnessed till date!
Trust me not? Perhaps the videos might influence your choice!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Guat Vee and Cher Lynn, coolest couple in my books!

All the brides I meet are always a character, sometimes I wonder how I will be when I’m a bride to be, however chancing upon Cher Lynn, has certainly been a pleasure! A bride who referred to herself as bridezilla on her wedding day! Hahaha, one who couldn’t care less for being being stashed away in her room and only arriving during walk in, but who actually came down to mingle with her friends and family during cocktail time.

A truly meant for each other, jolly and fun couple who you can instantly be friends with, that’s why they had 750 guests show up for their wedding reception, which quite contrary to the norm, was held on a weekday!

Entertainment played a very important part for Guat Vee and Cher Lynn, besides Mosaic’s popular four piece band, they engaged our maestro, Dennis Lau to perform on their big night. Dennis is always more than glad to oblige to his loyal wedding clients, after all the biggest thing for musicians is to perform to a crowd that receives their music well, and this crowd appreciated all the performances of the night.

Cher Lynn’s cousin was one of the lucky few who collaborated with Dennis on his album DiversiFy which so you may have it is out in stores like Rock Corner and Cd Rama, well when two fun people meet, nothing but a sweet rendition of Alicia Keys, I ain’t got you, is enough to create a fun atmosphere and wonderful thunderous applause.

Cher Lynn was further touched when her cousin performed and asked her to dance with her husband Guat Vee, I think I have mentioned this many times before, however I never tire of mentioning time and time again, seeing the couple happy and appreciating our music, makes me over the moon.

It’s always great seeing our band and Dennis well appreciated, because I know the amount of hard work that is put in each and every performance, I am glad to say, we have great clients that make it an absolute pleasure to work with, and for our band to perform at.

Happy Married Life to the great couple that is Guat Vee and Cher Lynn! May there be many miniature versions of you guys, it will truly make the world a happier and more harmonious place!
The beautiful couple Guat Vee and Cher Lynn !

Maestro doing what he does best!

While the couple and guests admire them!

Serenading at it's best!

Liang and Dennis working their magic!

Gorgeous isn't it?

Fun! Fun ! Fun !

Happy Clients = Happy Mosaic!
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Reema Bhullar
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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Roman Experience

Givi Asia, picked a great time to launch their new helmet, aptly titled Roma, which has an added advantage than other helmets out there, this helmet comes in different sizes to suit different shapes of head, which in return makes it safer for the rider. This launch took place during the Moto GP week and was held at Concorde Hotel’s Grand Ballroom.

Very rarely do I see an event that sticks entirely to its theme, but this event certainly went all the way with the Roman theme, having usherers dressed in roman gladiator attire, to coliseums around, this was truly a Roman Experience for the many vendors of Givi Helmets.

Dennis was asked to perform his songs with Jimmy Sax and also the wonderful masterpiece that is “Mahkota” which people can’t seem to get enough of these days. The audience was hooked right from the moment he played his Introduction to Experience, I absolutely love that piece! Can’t get enough it!

And of course everyone’s favorite Prelude in F Minor and I just Wanna! Now here is where something different happen, after Dennis performed his opening three acts, the audience shouted for an encore performance, especially the guests from Italy! Now Dennis being the humble and eager to please boy he is, kindly obliged and set out to wow the crowd with another one of my favorite songs Sudden Twist! The beats of this song, just perks anyone up! A true feel good song, you know like one of those songs where if your stuck in traffic or just having a bad day, or stuck under a mountain of paper work, immediately when the tune comes on the stereo, your head just starts to bob with it!
Don’t believe me! Try it for yourself! Hahahha.

Now after his encore performance, the real surprise of the night was to be revealed, the true Roman Experience, Syafinaz’s performance was a surprise for all the guests, wonderfully planned by the Givi team and PR wonder house Media Bond! She hid behind two men dressed as Romans, and was lead to a door, once the track played she was revealed and boy did she look absolutely like a goddess! Like one hot mama, bellissimo! Or something of that sorts! Hahhaa

The launch gambit centralized around this performance, and half way through it, the Givi helmets were revealed under mini coliseums and a large coliseum was brought onto stage to reveal all four of the helmets!

A wonderful performance if I must say so myself!
Pictures for your viewing pleasure!
With the MD of GIVI

With the Italian Ambassador to Malaysia

Vincenzo from Italy!

Team from Media Bond and MD of GIVI

With the Team from Media Bond

With Lovely Monica On from Givi

With PR King Syed Idid of Media Bond
Best Regards,
Reema Bhullar
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Showcase of a Maestro

Teeq Brassiere was filled up with the glamourous, the rich, the famous, the powerful, in short the glitterati of Malaysia, for a Showdown of Champions event in collaboration with LD Sports, this event brought down a special guest, i.e. Anna Kournikova, who humbly graced this spectacular evening with her presence.

This time around, the evening was a more elegant affair, a sit down dinner, with great performances by a Live Band, a dazzling fashion show by Zang Toi, with Kenzo and Beddat and Co, the always stellar looking Dato Yasmin Yusoff was there as always in all YTL events, and as usual she does a spectacular job of emceeing.

Dennis was slated to perform his two popular tracks with Jimmy, as soon as Dennis made his entrance, the crowd was drawn to his wonderful talented and boyish charm! Yes I had the pleasure of seeing Anna Kournikova with a smile plastered on her face, the entire time Dennis was performing!

Now I’m not going to be biased and say that only Anna enjoyed his performance, there were many there that night, that applauded just as loudly as her, one being his honorable Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin bin Mohd. Yassin, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Francis Yeoh and the ever so gorgeous Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza.

Dennis was able to allow the guests to feel like he was playing for each one of them at this intimate affair, with his usual style of moving around and letting everyone catch a glimpse of him, he certainly is a born entertainer. The performances ended with thunderous applause from everyone and Dennis was mobbed by well wishers of the night.

Everyone was inquiring about Dennis album and so did Anna, Dennis graciously gave Anna his album and she was so happy, gosh she must really love music, Enrique’s influence perhaps? :P I wonder how the collaboration of Dennis and Enrique would be? Ok enough of side tracking, but Dennis did an excellent job of performing yesterday, was one of those days where I am over the moon about this job and the opportunities it has bestowed upon me!

All possible because I’m proud to be one of the peeps in Dennis’ entourage! Hahahhaa, kudos to the real champion of the night Mr Dennis Lau and his wonderful sure to be chart topping album DiversiFy! Out now in major stores like Rock Corner and CdRama.

Dennis and Anna Kournikova
Tan Sri Dato' (Dr.) Francis Yeoh and Dennis

Anna and I, like milk and coffee yeah?

Best Regards,

Reema Bhullar

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

" A Cut Above "

This time around the title refers to two things, one being “A Cut Above” the professional hair care saloon and the other being that Dennis’ performance is always a cut above than the rest, setting him apart from other performers.

This post is regarding the A Cut Above, 30th year anniversary and relaunch of their Bangsar Shopping Centre outlet. Bangsar Shopping Centre has undergone a major facelift making the place even better and swankier! Just the way I like it.

Dennis’ is a loyal brand ambassador to A Cut Above, and is ever so willing to perform at many of their functions, this time around, he chose to perform Mahkota, their hair rising number by him and Syafinaz Selamat.

A Cut Above events are always executed with impeccable taste, well looking at Winnie Loo herself who looks like a ball of life, and dresses to kill, it’s no wonder their events are lively and always a joy to attend.

The red carpet was hustling and bustling with activity as celebrities trotted in non stop, all looking ready to party the night, after all in Malaysia any day is party day, and that Wednesday was no different.

I happened to mention to a friend that celebrities in Malaysia are always so friendly, well I for one have never had a bad experience, and I would like to keep it that way. I know many would say that their just being nice for the sake of it, but somehow I feel that their genuine.

Dennis himself is always interested in the people he meet, he takes time to listen to them and always makes sure he has some form of contacting them back. Well enough about the celebrities, let’s move on to the performance. Dennis’ performance with Syafinaz was the opening for the night and emcee’s for the night Aishah Sinclair and Baki Zainal did an amazing job of luring the crowd to the front.

Well as soon as the powerpack duo which is Dennis and Syafinaz, took onto stage, all eyes were on them. Further more when Syafinaz sang the very first line of ‘Mahkota’, the guests were hooked and I was content! I will never tire of seeing them perform this song, watching my boss play with such intense emotion remind me of the reason why he’s so great.

As usual the end of the song is always followed through by thunderous applause, which is a sweet sound to our ears. The night was filled with entertainment, one such performer that really is a tiny bomb! Is Shawn Lee the fantastic BeatBoxer!

The night ended with his performance and it was certainly a good night for all!

I was mean the last time by not leaving a video clip for your viewing pleasure, oh well don’t worry, I’m not that mean :P

Please view the wonderful video of Dennis’ and Syafinaz performance of Mahkota below!

Pictures for your viewing pleasure!
D Lau enjoying his performance!
Syafinaz singing her soul out!

So into the performance!


Shawn Lee BeatBoxing Extraordinaire!

Gorgeous Syafinaz Selamat!

Xandria Ooi, in one of her own creations!
Jonathan Putra, handomse hunk!
Gorgeous Stephanie Chai and my favorite Deborah Henry!

Twitterer :P April Yim and Erin Yong, beatboxing extraordinaire, Shawn Lee's manager.
* Pictures courtesy of Raynord Chuah
Best Wishes,
Reema Bhullar
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sweet Encore and Debut

A mere six weeks after performing at the SASA Fragrance Fair Launch at East Entrance Lobby Mid Valley, Dennis and Jimmy were asked for an encore performance for the finale of the Fragrance Fair.

This time around it was held at the cozy Prince Hotel, and these pretty workaholics asked Dennis to provide them with a surprise package! Well well, we all know that Dennis always has something in store for his fans!

And he did provide them with a surprise, and what a surprise it was ! The debut performance of his song “ Mahkota” with Syafinaz Selamat ! I personally have never seen Dennis perform, or practice this song before, so seeing my uber cool boss perform it for the first time made me appreciate his musical talents so much more ! Sigh, how can one person be so darn gifted! Makes the rest of us feel useless no?

Well enough of Dennis, Syafinaz is a goddess! One look at her and you’ll instantly love her! This skinny lady can belt out notes so crisp and clean giving you the sensation that your hearing it from a cd!

Dennis performed Sudden Twist with Jimmy as an opening performance, and that always goes down well with the crowd. It’s one of those songs where you’ll instantly fall in love with the beat of it. Sometimes it’s annoying because it gets stuck in your head for days after! Sigh I sometimes fall asleep imagining Dennis’ compositions, dedicated to the core :P

Well coming back to “Mahkota”, even before Dennis and Syafinaz were half way through the first verse, there was an explosion of applause! This hair raising tune is sure going to be a chart topper, when it hits the air waves. Better look out for it on both Dennis and Syafinaz album.

SASA always organizes a great event, with gorgeous emcee Xandria Ooi, beautiful judge’s Sazzy, Siti, William and Belinda, pretty staff and trade partners. It was a breath of fresh air attending a simple yet chic event.

Now, I wouldn’t be so mean as to let you wait for the album to have a listen to Mahkota!
Scroll down below to have a look at the amazing captures.
Looking good while doing his thang!
So full of emotion!
Perfect combo!
Look at him move!
The beauties of the day!
The debut of the two most talented people i've ever met!
So into this masterpiece of a song.
A sure hit!
Wonderful four judge's with Syafinaz and Dennis.

Best Wishes,

Reema Bhullar

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Belle of the Ball

People always associate balls as being very prestigious, well the Prestige event was no less, held at Nikko Hotel’s Grand Ballroom and organized by Catcha Corp’s Prestige Magazine in partnership with CIMB Bank, this year’s Top 40 Under 40, was truly spectacular. With a theme like Black and Red, I must say that Dennis’ truly adorned the perfect outfit for the theme of the night!

Performance’s slated for that evening was none other than my uber cool maestro of a boss, D Lau ! and Malaysia’s Kenny G, Jimmy Sax, these two took onto stage as the opening performance and truly blew the Top 40, amongst other distinguished guests away with their soulful showcase of Dennis’s original compositions, “ Intro to the Experience” and “ Prelude in F Minor”. I would never grow tired of these two performing the same selections, because every time they perform they add a sense of freshness to it, making it something to look forward to at all times.

Applause took over the room, after their performances and if I’m not mistaken I saw many of the Female Top 40 eyeing my boss :P ahem ahem, back off ladies ! He’s not a force to be reckoned with! The evening was further bedazzled by a fashion show from one of Malaysia’s most talented designer, Keith Kee. My my, looking at his dresses, makes me want to go to the gym even more! Their oh so pretty !

I always call Dennis the belle of every ball as a matter of fact, because I don’t think this man can so much as blink without someone recognizing him and coming up to him to either congratulate him on his performance, take a picture with him or merely say hi. This is why I consider myself lucky, to be able to be associated with a man who is known by many, this is rarely chanced upon, and yes I’m making full use of being bestowed with this chance.

Alright enough of rambling on, we at Mosaic would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to the winners of the night Tiffanee Marie Lim and Tiah Joo Kim.

Fret not, even if you missed the live performance, you know we don’t let you go without a taste of what happened! Check out the vid and pics below :)
Dennis receiving his Top 40 momento on stage.
Dennis along with Hashim and Aidi, all looking super dashing! ( Yes the guy in white is really that buff! :P)
Beautiful Dennis and Sherril.
Dennis and two femme fatales !
Donovan Chan, CMO of Mitosis Sdn Bhd and shortlisted to Top 3 slated to win, with out Maestro!

Signature Boss-Employee Shot !

Best Wishes,
Reema Bhullar
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Monday, October 5, 2009

“Alan and Helen’s Larger than Life Day”

What’s up with the larger than life attachment to their name? Well first of all it was a huge reception at the Royal Ballroom, Palace of the Golden Horses.

It always bewilders me how people can know so many people, but then I look at Dennis and I think man, his wedding has to be in a stadium ! He seems to know the entire world!

Back to Alan and Helen, they wanted people to know that they were at their wedding, from the backdrop of the stage that had their picture blown up, to buntings with their picture to their pre wedding montage playing on repeat! Man oh man, they were everywhere!

Entertainment played an integral part in their reception, besides hiring Mosaic’s Three Piece Live Instrumental band, which consisted off, Golden Mouthed Jimmy on the Sax, too ever so handsome Wilson on the Keyboards and not to forget mischievous Shah on the Bass.

They also enlisted the services of a Dance Academy that believe it or not, had kids to perform! That was really the highlight of my night, watching those kids shake their booty! My my, their gonna be absolute knock outs when they grow up. Imagine seeing teeny boys and girls doing the cha cha and rumba. Uber Cute!

Our lighting crew did a fantastic job in shining the spot light on then, yes yes, besides providing bands, we do a wide array of things, from lighting, to staging as well as just providing sound systems! Jack of all trades aren’t we?

It was fun seeing my boys, yes these musicians are much older than me, but their all my boys when they play, they have such a good time jamming together. It’s always a delightful sight.

View their antics in the videos below!

Best Wishes,

Reema Bhullar

016-376 4847

Leslie and Angeline’s Blessed Day

19th September 2009, is going to be imprinted into the above mentioned minds, this is because they finally were able to have their much awaited reception.

Why do I use the words finally and much awaited? Well because the poor bride fell ill and had to postpone her wedding reception. Thank goodness, she’s well and was looking absolutely ravishing on her big day!

Le Meridien is always a good spot for a wedding reception, it makes all your receptions feel like an intimate affair and with a big space for cocktails, and that makes it a real deal closer.

Mosaic’s Three Piece Live Jazz Band was hired to entertain the guest for the night, our line up for the night was the ever so talented dazzling princess as the vocalist, Malaysia’s Kenny G Jimmy Sax on the sax and quick fingered cap wearer :P on the keyboards.

These three work well whenever they play together, then again all our musicians work absolutely well no matter who they play with.

Sufiah serenaded the couple with, “The Way you look Tonight” and then carried on the rest of the night with the couple’s selection of songs.

The accolade received by the guests regarding our band, once again made me feel over the moon ! Especially when this old Chinese man came up to me, and knew that I didn’t speak Chinese and told me in Malay “Music sangat bagus, itu trumpet memang bagus!” Thanks Uncle!

Here are the video’s for the night! Don’t get too carried away now :P

Best Wishes,

Reema Bhullar

016-376 4847

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

“The Roof Is on Fire”

Ok don’t take the title literally, however there is some truth to it! Everytime Dennis Lau Malaysia’s premier Violinist/Songwriter performs the heat of the performance just sets any stage ablaze!

That’s what happened when Lot 10 had their Repositioning Launch. Well obviously they would invite swanky performers like Dennis and Jimmy our mind blowing saxophonist to perform because we fit in just right. Well with guests such as Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh, Dato Faridah Merican and Joe Hasham the Directors of The Actor Studio, not forgetting our Nation’s Pride and Joy our very own astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor you would need someone of that stature to perform and wow this respectable crowd.

Lot 10 has done an amazing job by refurbishing their rooftop where the event was held and they now call it a “ Forest within the City”, they have added a touch of green with beautiful lush gardens, along with a beautifully lighted up pathway, mouth watering delectable cuisine from Teeq Brassiere that those working out in California Fitness are eyeing even though their running and panting away on their treadmills, which by the way is the perfect place to take that special someone as the ambience and the killer view is just the icing of the cake, plus the kitchen with a glass partition so all the going ons happens in plain sight gels really well with me !

Plus The Actor’s Studio has found a new home and will be one of Lot 10’s latest addition, along with a dance club called Rootz that will house the finest champagne around.

Well enough about Lot 10, there could be an entire blog dedicated to them and their plans. Let’s get to the more juicy stuff, the reason why you’re reading this in the first place. You want to know about Dennis’s performance right? and how he entertained the stellar crowd?

Well Zang Toi had a fashion show that showcased apparel good enough to wear during the day and for a career lady, also a showcase of how exquisite his taste by his beautiful evening gowns.

It’s no surprise that music and clothes go well together, and our performance for the night was to be a collaboration of fashion and music. As soon as Dennis exited with his violin, like a predator on a prowl for a juicy prey, the models were ushered out, sigh lucky them being serenaded whilst being decked up in high fashion clothing and looking like a million bucks.

No need to state the obvious that applause followed suit when Jimmy joined in tenor in hand, ready to back up Dennis and electrify the crowd with yet another of Dennis’s original compositions.

Models in tow, Dennis struck his pose for the cameras to capture him in the flesh, which was followed by another crowd appealing performance that led to the end of the upbeat performance for the night.

Yes just like you expected, the crème of the crop came to congratulate and commend Dennis and Jimmy on a job well done, obviously still in awe of what they had just witnessed.

I have watched Dennis perform a number of times, but I never fail to smile when I see people congratulating him, his success is my success no?

The night ended with a real dramatic performance by one of The Actors Studio’s many offerings, words cannot describe that performance and you would have to personally catch it at their new refurbished theatre so therefore I shall not ruin it for you!

Alright I shall stop raving about this event, sigh what to do? It was that good to begin and end with.

Allow the pictures to do the talking!

Dennis serenading the crowd. The look on his face priceless!
Credits to John Leong of Oxygen Mag for this wonderful pic.

My uber fantastic boss Dennis Lau, with Tan Sri Dr. Francis Yeoh and our golden mouthed Jimmy Sax.

Emcee for the night Dato Yasmin Yusoff.

Tan Sri Dr. Francis Yeoh, super lively during his speech.

Note the amount of media personnel.

Packed house with media and invited guests.

The press clicking a photo of our duo with Tan Sri.

The bartop at Teeq brasserie, note the view behind.

Teeq brasserie where everything that happens in the kitchen is visible.

The beautifully lighted walkway on the Rooftop ! Changes colours you know?

Live Performance by Actor's Studio.

The man himself Tan Sri Dr. Francis Yeoh enjoying The Actor's Studio showcase.

Dennis with the elegantly dressed Dato Yasmin Yusoff.

Dennis with Joe Hasham and Dato Faridah of The Actor Studio.

Leslie the exquisite event planner and Dennis.

Signature boss-employee shot!

Want to experience the performance?

Check out the videos at Dennis's youtube site !

Best Wishes,

Reema Bhullar

016- 376 4847