Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Journey Through Time Part 1

YTL has this event every year where they showcase the best in time pieces from around the world and also highlight many environmental factors during an eleven day period. This event is in their third year running and they have enlisted the talented Dennis Lau to perform alongside Jimmy Sax for these eleven days! Exciting isn’t it, to be able to showcase his musical talent to different guests and passer by’s every night, trust me when I say, people actually come back just for his performance every night, touching you might say? Yes! It sure is!

Other performers for the event include the very handsome Stephen Rahman Hughes, one guy who can definitely make the girls go gaga =) and Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina who staged their play Puteri Gunung Ledang, fashion shows by various designers, performance by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza herself and the very talented Ning Baizura whom Dennis has the opportunity of collaborating with!

As everyone knows Ning is known for her dynamic vocals and paired together with the master skills of Dennis and his violin they managed to make a beautiful rendition of Yue Liang !

A Journey Through Time goes on for another week, so if you haven’t had the chance to catch any of his performances live, just walk by star hill late evening and you will be fortunate enough to catch the much talked about maestro in action =)

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure….

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Catwalk, Sashay , Pose !

Perhaps the three important words for a model, there could be more, I wouldn’t know, not exactly model material, if you get what I mean :P But I know two grand people who are definitely model material!

One the uber handsome hunk of a boss, Dennis Lau who can definitely compete with those men you see doing shaving commercials, trust me guys, he has the knack for it :P and one more the dazzling and gorgeous, and not to forget towering over, Miss Syafinaz Selamat !

Amber Chia who has done very well in partnership with Ford Modelling Agency to conduct the Ford Model Search in our homeland had the finals at Rootz club, located at the Rooftop of Lot 10 recently, Dennis was asked to perform his hit song ‘Mahkota’ alongside Syafinaz as a highlight showcase. Very apt I must say because the winner of the night definitely felt as if she has a Mahkota placed on her, while the male winner definitely felt like a king :p

The event was full of glitz and glamour just like it’s hostess Amber Chia who has a sense of golden touch, as everything she dabbles in has always worked out wonders for her and kudos to her, also a small city girl who has made it big! And by big we mean really big, it’s really heartwarming to see our fellow Malaysians reach the highest level they can, especially those who work really hard as Amber, and we wish the Ford Model finalists and winner all the best in their future endeavors, dreams can be turned into reality, it sure did for the two winners, Kelly Jagan and Danny Lim !

It was a great pleasure indeed to have Dennis perform at the inaugural finale of the Ford Model Search, and we definitely look forward to many more! We would like to wish Kelly all the best for the international finals in Brazil and wish Danny a whole lot of luck in pursuing his modeling stints in the United States!

Amber Chia will definitely see more seasons of Ford Models, and this is probably the best thing for our country and it’s pool of aspiring models!

The video for your viewing and ogling pleasure :P

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Maestro Released

It’s no secret that I refer to my boss the uber talented Dennis Lau as a maestro, well I think he truly is one, where else can you find someone as multi talented as him. Someone who can compose his own tracks, pen meaningful lyrics, produce his own album, strike up deals with international companies like Sony, etc, collaborate with the industries best and so on and so forth. If I were to delve in depth of his many skills the list would be endless.

I’m sure many of you who read the daily news have come across many articles written about Dennis and his recent launch of his maiden album DiversiFy, alright this next part is to answer all those who are wondering why the name DiversiFy? Well simple, this album is mainly about showcasing how diverse the violin is with other instruments and also to highlight how the violin is the closest sounding instrument to the human vocal.

There is nothing that solidifies a musician’s presence in the world of music until and unless they release an album, and better yet when that album is your brainchild and made to perfection with no boundaries and limitations. And featured collaborations with the industries best like Syafinaz Selamat ,Atilia Haron,Liang and local rapper Shazzy to name a few.

Other artistes and creative minds that Dennis has worked with include Yuri Wong (most known for creating the score to Upin and Ipin, a popular Malay series), Majestik (a South African rapper), Nick Lee (award winning ‘mixing and mastering’ engineer), musician Tay Cher Siang, Lewis Pragasam, Ken Chung, Jamie Wilson, Tay Kewei as well as the Beijing and GuangZhou Symphony Orchestra (with famed Chinese arranger Peng Fei).

The launch was held at Shook,Star Hill on the 12th of November, this really was a great day not only for Dennis but for me and my colleague/best friend Stephanie Chai. After working so closely with Dennis these past few months we were finally able to share what we feel so proud about, his musical talent and showmanship with members of the media and distinguished guests.

The launch which was helped put together by the wonderful and dynamic team of MediaBond Communications, a great PR firm, who I owe a thousand thank you’s too for helping out with planning and executing this great event.

That evening we saw performances by Dennis and his talented performing partner, Malaysia’s Kenny G, Jimmy Sax , as well as a surprise and never done before performance featuring Dennis with beatboxer extraordinaire Shawn Lee, supported by Yuri Wong on guitar and Ken Chung on bass. This performance ended up being a real crowd pleaser and why shouldn’t it as it’s something completely new and dynamic and what better way to further enhance the diverseness of the violin, now if a violin can team up with a beatboxer, it’s what I say is super sweet :P

And last but not least, the closing performance for the day was none other than the power pack performance by Dennis himself and the lady who belts out powerful vocals, Miss Syafinaz Selamat herself, performing the masterpiece that is ‘Mahkota’.

Besides the performances and speeches by Dennis and Mr. Adrian Lim, the Agency team, Dennis’ managers from Singapore were kind enough to record a short and meaningful speech to be played during the night.The launch gambit was a simple unveiling of the blown up version of the cd cover signed by none other than the MD of Sony himself Mr. Adrian Lim, Dennis and Mr. Syed Idid of Media Bond.

This will truly be a day that none of us will forget and we’re already yearning for the next album and next launch. For those of you who haven’t had a listen to it yet, do go and grab yourself a copy at the nearest CD Rama or Rock Corner outlet!

Videos below for those of you who missed the launch!

Pictures by the great master Zung and his team at Photoz will follow suit....
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