Thursday, November 26, 2009

Always time for Charity!

No Black Tie recently organized a Charity event, for the kids from Shambala, Tibet. The event was called Stand-Up for Shambala Kidz, performers for the night included a stand up list of the ever so talented Harith Iskandar, funny to the bone, Andrew Netto, tapping her feet away Jojo Struys and many more.

This event/ auction was for the aim to raise as much money as possible for the kids in Shambala, entry to the event was priced at RM 200 a ticket, and I was surprised to see a full house that night! Certainly goes to show we’re a charitable bunch! Like they say charity begins from home and I was glad to see that we can reach out to a place in Tibet and be of any assistance at all. Touching I say, really touching.

Dennis was asked to perform that night with Ash Nair, yes the man with the ever adorable boyish charm, and Yuri Wong, who just blows my mind away every time he performs! Yuri is pure brilliant! I know I’m deviating, but without Dennis, there wouldn’t have been a way for me to meet such incredible people like Yuri or Ash, or the tons of other people I’ve met, so shout out to you my bossy! For giving me this opportunity to broaden my horizons!

Now back to the topic at hand, the three of them were going to perform together, and the sneaky fella that my boss is, didn’t tell me what songs or what they were going to perform that night, all he said was I’m performing at No Black Tie, so in I go and when it’s their performance time, my my my, I was blown away with the songs they performed that night! The three of them was simply outstanding, covering renditions of The Jackson’s 5- I want you back and Britney’s Baby One More Time!

The beats of Yuri on the guitar followed by the dynamic vocals of Ash coupled with the tunes of Dennis really drove the crowd into applause frenzy! Very rarely do you have the chance of seeing the industries greats perform along side each other and mind you for complete charitable purposes!

I don’t know about the others, but this is certainly going down in my books as the best performance I have witnessed till date!
Trust me not? Perhaps the videos might influence your choice!

Best Regards,
Reema Bhullar
016-376 4847

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Guat Vee and Cher Lynn, coolest couple in my books!

All the brides I meet are always a character, sometimes I wonder how I will be when I’m a bride to be, however chancing upon Cher Lynn, has certainly been a pleasure! A bride who referred to herself as bridezilla on her wedding day! Hahaha, one who couldn’t care less for being being stashed away in her room and only arriving during walk in, but who actually came down to mingle with her friends and family during cocktail time.

A truly meant for each other, jolly and fun couple who you can instantly be friends with, that’s why they had 750 guests show up for their wedding reception, which quite contrary to the norm, was held on a weekday!

Entertainment played a very important part for Guat Vee and Cher Lynn, besides Mosaic’s popular four piece band, they engaged our maestro, Dennis Lau to perform on their big night. Dennis is always more than glad to oblige to his loyal wedding clients, after all the biggest thing for musicians is to perform to a crowd that receives their music well, and this crowd appreciated all the performances of the night.

Cher Lynn’s cousin was one of the lucky few who collaborated with Dennis on his album DiversiFy which so you may have it is out in stores like Rock Corner and Cd Rama, well when two fun people meet, nothing but a sweet rendition of Alicia Keys, I ain’t got you, is enough to create a fun atmosphere and wonderful thunderous applause.

Cher Lynn was further touched when her cousin performed and asked her to dance with her husband Guat Vee, I think I have mentioned this many times before, however I never tire of mentioning time and time again, seeing the couple happy and appreciating our music, makes me over the moon.

It’s always great seeing our band and Dennis well appreciated, because I know the amount of hard work that is put in each and every performance, I am glad to say, we have great clients that make it an absolute pleasure to work with, and for our band to perform at.

Happy Married Life to the great couple that is Guat Vee and Cher Lynn! May there be many miniature versions of you guys, it will truly make the world a happier and more harmonious place!
The beautiful couple Guat Vee and Cher Lynn !

Maestro doing what he does best!

While the couple and guests admire them!

Serenading at it's best!

Liang and Dennis working their magic!

Gorgeous isn't it?

Fun! Fun ! Fun !

Happy Clients = Happy Mosaic!
Best Regards,
Reema Bhullar
016-376 4847

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Roman Experience

Givi Asia, picked a great time to launch their new helmet, aptly titled Roma, which has an added advantage than other helmets out there, this helmet comes in different sizes to suit different shapes of head, which in return makes it safer for the rider. This launch took place during the Moto GP week and was held at Concorde Hotel’s Grand Ballroom.

Very rarely do I see an event that sticks entirely to its theme, but this event certainly went all the way with the Roman theme, having usherers dressed in roman gladiator attire, to coliseums around, this was truly a Roman Experience for the many vendors of Givi Helmets.

Dennis was asked to perform his songs with Jimmy Sax and also the wonderful masterpiece that is “Mahkota” which people can’t seem to get enough of these days. The audience was hooked right from the moment he played his Introduction to Experience, I absolutely love that piece! Can’t get enough it!

And of course everyone’s favorite Prelude in F Minor and I just Wanna! Now here is where something different happen, after Dennis performed his opening three acts, the audience shouted for an encore performance, especially the guests from Italy! Now Dennis being the humble and eager to please boy he is, kindly obliged and set out to wow the crowd with another one of my favorite songs Sudden Twist! The beats of this song, just perks anyone up! A true feel good song, you know like one of those songs where if your stuck in traffic or just having a bad day, or stuck under a mountain of paper work, immediately when the tune comes on the stereo, your head just starts to bob with it!
Don’t believe me! Try it for yourself! Hahahha.

Now after his encore performance, the real surprise of the night was to be revealed, the true Roman Experience, Syafinaz’s performance was a surprise for all the guests, wonderfully planned by the Givi team and PR wonder house Media Bond! She hid behind two men dressed as Romans, and was lead to a door, once the track played she was revealed and boy did she look absolutely like a goddess! Like one hot mama, bellissimo! Or something of that sorts! Hahhaa

The launch gambit centralized around this performance, and half way through it, the Givi helmets were revealed under mini coliseums and a large coliseum was brought onto stage to reveal all four of the helmets!

A wonderful performance if I must say so myself!
Pictures for your viewing pleasure!
With the MD of GIVI

With the Italian Ambassador to Malaysia

Vincenzo from Italy!

Team from Media Bond and MD of GIVI

With the Team from Media Bond

With Lovely Monica On from Givi

With PR King Syed Idid of Media Bond
Best Regards,
Reema Bhullar
016-376 4847